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5G is not the Enemy

Around and present, surrounding us, every time and all times are rays bound together in electric and magnetic fields called electromagnetic radiation. They travel at the speed of light. Nothing goes faster than their energies in a vacuum. It is as normal as the rain, our oceans, the sky, rainbows, animals, etc except, unlike these other objects we can’t see the full length and breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum. The part of it we can see called light makes a tiny part of the whole. The seven parts of the spectrum in ascending frequency are Radio wave, Microwave, Infra-red, Light, Ultraviolet, X-ray, and Gamma-ray.

The theoretical equations linking electricity and magnetism had been made in 1873 by James Clerk Maxwell.
So, when Henrich Hertz first discovered radio waves in 1886, giving proof to Maxwell’s equation he thought no more of it. It was G. Marconi who in 1896, would get a patent for its use and deploy it towards wireless communication.  It transformed the world. 

Thence, radio signals, television pictures, and long-distance communication boomed. In 1895, a German physicist was experimenting with electricity and stumbled upon another part of the spectrum. He found, that these new rays (he called them X for unknown) were capable of penetrating several objects including the human body, and with the photography (which uses light) of his time, pictures could be made from the unknown rays when it strikes an object. Today, the importance of x-rays in medical imaging to doctors cannot be overstated. Of those seven-spectrums listed, all the frequencies up until ultraviolet are considered non-ionizing. In other words, they are safe. They don’t cause adverse health reactions from interacting with them.

5G is safe

The radiofrequency (RF) which includes radio and microwave radiation is the technology 5G is built on and not Uv, Xray, or Gamma rays. Therefore any claims of 5G and causality with the coronavirus are untrue. The World Health Organization (WHO) has already debunked such claims
5G is part of the non-ionizing spectrum.  It is abundantly safe at the frequency it emits.

A substantial part of the world’s economy is hinged on the technology of electromagnetic radiation harnessed to drive various applications. The worldwide web, autonomous vehicles, weather stations, radar, instant communication, and many more fields coopt the wonders of both ionizing and non-ionizing radiation to make life easier. Our phone signals work now as they did from the time of Marconi and co; take advantage of radio waves that are all around us.

We are safe embracing 5G since the technology play on the non-lethal radio/MW network. Fear and loathing of this technology must be discouraged.


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