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5G is not the Enemy

In 1895, a German physicist, William Roentgen, discovered something he could not explain while experimenting with electricity: rays capable of penetrating soft tissue. He promptly used this discovery to take an image of his wife's fingers, which showed her wedding band. She is said to have exclaimed, "I have seen my death."  This physicist had discovered X-rays, which today are indispensable in medical imaging.                                                       Roentgen first x-ray image The German physicist who discovered the X-rays found that they could penetrate various objects, including books. He named these rays "X" for unknown, and with the photography technology available at the time, he was able to create images by capturing the X-rays when they struck an object.  Light, which photographers use is also a part of the spectrum. ( the visible  spectrum). 5G is safe The radiofrequency (RF) which includes radio and microwave radiation are two par

Land Surface Temperature is NOT Air Temperature

Land Surface Temperature (LST) is a crucial metric in the discourse on global warming and climate change. However, LST is often taken out of context, leading to confusion and misinterpretation. Recently, the BBC reported on the Cerberus heat wave that swept across several European cities, and their report had an LST map from the Copernicus Sentinel imager. The map, with its ominous red hues, had Spain looking like Hades and folks on Twitter, quickly jumped on it offering different hot take on the matter. Twitter is a space where climate experts, deniers, believers, and non-experts alike congregate to discuss climate-related issues. Personal opinion abounds . Be warned! While maps are useful in visualizing data, they can also be misleading when taken out of context. For temperature maps, blue is typically associated with cooler temperatures, while red signifies hot or extreme temperatures. However, in reality, the electromagnetic spectrum has blue as a hotter color than red. ( Little ma